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Inspiration for this site
provided by the late Jym Batey, who documented his adventures on his wonderful (but no longer active) site and took time to offer ideas and suggestions to me without fail.

        Greg's Hiking Adventures

Carson Pass (North of Hwy 88) area

Highway 88

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One of my favorites
Enjoyed it
Glad I went -- Once
Not worth the time

I really like mountain peaks, lakes, difficult hikes and cross-country trekking. Keep this in mind when looking at how I rate my hikes. I have never been on a hike that I haven't enjoyed, but the more difficult the more I seem to like the adventure.
16 Meiss Lake (& 4 Lakes) Loop
 Scenic View Mountain Lake
Moderate Trail 09/06/2019           ....  Dog Friendly 9.7 miles 5 Stars
15 Cary Peak
 Scenic View Peak Hike
Strenuous Trail 06/07/2019           ....  Not Dog Friendly 9.1 miles 5 Stars
14 Little Round Top to Lover's Leap
 Scenic View Peak Hike 
Moderate Trail 09/01/2017           ....  Dog Friendly 11.9 miles 5 Stars
13 Little Round Top Ridge
 Scenic View Peak Hike 
Moderate Trail 06/23/2017           ....  Dog Friendly 9.5 miles 5 Stars
12 Beyond Lake Shealor
 Scenic View Mountain Lake 
Moderate Trail 06/16/2017           ....  Dog Friendly 5.7 miles 4 Stars
11 Wade Peak Hike via Horsethief Canyon
Peak Hike Scenic View 
Strenuous Trail 09/09/2014     ....  Not Dog Friendly 10.8 miles 3 Stars
10 Castle Point from Martin Meadows
Scenic View
Moderate Trail 08/11/2013     ....  Not Dog Friendly 6.2 miles 3 Stars
9 Little Round Top from Meiss Meadow
Peak Hike Scenic View Mountain Lake 
Moderate Trail 07/20/2013     ....  Not Dog Friendly 12.8 miles 4 Stars
8 Waterhouse Peak
Peak Hike Scenic View Mountain Lake Climbing Required
Hard Trail 07/14/2013     ....  Not Dog Friendly 8.6 miles 3 Stars
7 Red Lake & Steven's Peaks
Peak Hike Scenic View Climbing Required Historical
Hard Trail 06/15/2013     ....  Not Dog Friendly 8.6 miles 4 Stars
6 Lake Dardanelles & Round Lake
Hike on Established Trails Scenic View Mountain Lake Swimming Available
Moderate Trail 07/15/2012     ....  Dog Friendly 11.9 miles 3 Stars
5 Peak 7620 (Silver Lake)
Scenic View  
Moderate Trail 06/02/2012     ....  Not Dog Friendly 5.0 miles 3 Stars
4 Little Round Top Circle
Hike on Established Trails Scenic View Mountain Lake Swimming Available
Hard Trail 09/23/2011     ....  Dog Friendly 10.6 miles 3 Stars
3 Lake Margaret
Hike on Established Trails Scenic View Mountain Lake Swimming Available
Easy Trail 09/05/2011     ....  Dog Friendly 5.0 miles 3 Stars
2 Caples Creek & Silver Fork Trail
Scenic View 
Moderate Trail 08/15/2011     ....  Dog Friendly 11.0 miles 3 Stars
1 Lake Shealor
Scenic View Mountain Lake
Easy Trail 08/22/2010     ....  Dog Friendly 3.0 miles 3 Stars

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