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Greg's Family and Kid Videos Page

Pre 1993
1987 Greg & Annie's Wedding Shower
1987 Greg & Annie's Wedding & Reception
Greg duet with Liesl P at FUMC
Greg playing Euphonium concerto
Greg Carnival of Venice @ FUMC
1987 Annie playing with hamster
1987 Annie's 23rd birthday at park pt 1
1987 Annie's 23rd birthday at park pt 2
1992 Cody and Niner playing at home

1992 Annie and Greg waterskiing at Sly Park

Annie at UC Davis while pregnant
Introducing boys after birth
Visiting boys in NICU
Holding boys on day two
First day home with boys (Dec 2nd)
Boys one month old in hospital

Tolberts visiting boys in hospital on Christmas
Back home after hospital opening gifts
Newscast of boys in hospital over Christmas (early news)

Newscast of boys in hospital over Christmas (later news)
Boys playing in kitchen with buckets

Early morning breakfast for boys
Boys first starting to walk

More learning to walk while Greg gone
Dustin stuck under the kitchen table
Dustin tantrum & ceiling fan fascination
Boys with the bumble ball
Boys birthday party part 1
Boys birthday party part 2
Christmas morning part 1
Christmas morning part 2
Christmas evening with the Johnsons
March play time at home in long PJs

Playing scare the twins at home

Annie's birthday party

Playing at home with laundry & suitcase

Morning routine and jumping
Boy's birthday party & serving cake
Boy's birthday kids at the party
Boy's birthday opening some presents
Boy's birthday getting bikes
Christmas morning part 1

Christmas morning part 2 Bump Match


Birthday @ indoor soccer arena

Boys cleaning up on Thanksgiving

Christmas morning at home
Christmas at the hospital (45 mins)
Boys Easter egg hunt

Snow day at Dolomite Dr

Tristan scoring goal with Tigers

Sierra dancing to Baby Love song

Family at home around Thanksgiving

Classic Tristan soccer defense

Sierra learning to walk & boys helping
Family Easter egg hunt

Skyelin's birthday

Skyelin 5 months old exploring

Skyelin playing on living room floor
Kids running through sprinklers
Christmas morning
Christmas dinner at parent's house
Sierra singing to Annie

Girls in the house with Annie

Sierra watching TV then falling over couch

Kidsong watching and morning at home
Living room diaper dance
Diaper dance part 2
Boys singing at FUMC pageant
Christmas morning Part 1
Christmas morning Part 2
Christmas morning Part 3
Christmas morning Part 4
Maui Aquarium Skyelin scaring fish

Parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary

Skye second birthday party
In airport before Maui Trip

Maui arrival and pool swimming

Aquarium and Io Needle visit
Beach playing and parasailing
Skye's 3rd birthday in the condo
Keanae trip
Skye's 4th birthday party

Skye, Di, Diane & Tristan playing game

Skye and Sierra soccer game
Skye needing to change direction
New wood floors and Skye vacuumming
Sierra in frog costume at school play
Sierra and frogs on stage
Boys' Dash soccer game part 1
Boys' Dash soccer game part 2
Easter Egg hunt and dancing
Annie playing with the cats
Boys birthday at home part 1
Boys birthday at home part 2
FUMC Christmas pageant start
FUMC Christmas pageant song
Christmas day activities

Easter Egg Hunt

Boy's Basketball Town Tourney - 1

Boy's Basketball Town Tourney - 2

Boy's EDHYB Game
Sierra mighty mites basketball game
Skye mighty mites basketball game - 1
Skye mighty mites basketball game - 2
Snow at Hearst Drive house
Easter Morning & Skye karaoke
Easter Dinner and after
Kuzco playing then Sierra singing 
Skye's shot fake technique in basketball 
Sierra mighty mites basketball game
Girls Indian Creek show song
Easter Egg Hunt

Boys' 8th grade graduation from Marina

Cool Cat Cafe and Luau start
Kids playing at Makena Beach
Jumping off falls at Waihee dam
Ma'alaea center boats and bunjee 
Ma'alaea center Dustin & Ianna bunjee
Maui Ocean Center visit
Playing at Oneuli (black sand) Beach
Plantation, Iao Needle and Beach
Swinging Bridges and Moose's
Tristan jumping off falls


Lilah arrival after move to California

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