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Trip Date:  04/16/2014

: 8.0 Miles

Vertical Gain: 2100'

Group Size: 7

Hike Rating:  Easy   Moderate    Hard    Strenuous
Stevens trail route
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Stevens Trail Elevation Profile
The trail marker for the Stevens Trail right at the parking area.  Pretty well marked but should also warn of the extreme poison oak infestation. Trailhead marker
The first of a few waterfalls we passed along the way.  There is a use trail up on the left side about halfway to the top. First waterfall
The second waterfall had to be crossed right at the top of this picture.  If it were running much higher we would have had to go back down the trail a bit and take the bike path below it to get by. Second waterfall
Most of the group paused for a quick break on the way down to the river. Some of the group near the start
About halfway down the trail there is an old mine which bores deep into the mountainside.  The group was curious but the risk of caveins and steep drop-offs is too great. At the old mine
A look west at the North Fork of the American River and the bridge that connects Colfax to Iron Hill a ways to the south of the river. North Fork
During the third mile the trail gets very thin and skirts along the edge of the hillside.  You need to watch your step in this section.
Continuing down the trail
Looking east at the wild river, where there were a couple of gold panners trying their luck far below. The river
Along this part of the trail it was very steep, but the flowers were plentiful and in an amazing display of color. Steep
It is a long way down from the trail, and the slope is pretty steep.
It's a long way down from here
Once we made it down to the river at Secret Ravine, we had plenty of places to sit and enjoy lunch. At the river
Somewhere around here, Stevens, the namesake of the trail had a toll crossing for the miners heading into town to cash in their finds.  Sounds like a gold mine of his own. Wild river
Our group at the river just after finishing lunch and getting ready to head on back up, up and up. Our group
The wildflowers make a very pleasant display along the trail, spreading down further and further every year with the blowing of seeds toward the river. Looking at the wildflowers lining the hillside
Our timing was good as this would be a VERY warm hike in the summer, gaining back all that elevation we lost heading to the river. Along the trail
One last look at the trail carved into the side of the mountain. Almost back
GPS Track of the full hike. GPS Track of Hike