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Trip Date:  06/25/2012

: 3 Miles

Vertical Gain: 600'

Group Size: 30

Hike Rating:  Easy   Moderate   Hard    Strenuous
Silver Falls Loop Trip
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Silver Falls Loop Trail Profile
Start Coordinates:   N 44 52.676, W 122 39.371     End Coordinates:   Same as starting coordinates
Car Shuttle Req'd:   No Parking Directions:   Take Interstate 5 from Salem to Highway 22 east.   After a little over 8 miles turn left on Highway 214, also known as Silver Falls Highway SE.  Follow this highway for just about 16 miles and turn left into the Silver Falls State Park entrance and park at the coordinates provided.
Hazards of Note:   There are some steep dropoffs near a few of the waterfall pools.  Stay away from the edges. Crowd Factor:   High near the main falls.  Less people on the trails as you venture further away from the main lodge and parking area.
General Notes:
There are about 10 falls in all that can be visited in the Silver Falls State Park, and the loop as indicated for this trip will take you past two of the larger ones.  The first falls that you will come upon is South Falls, one of the most spectacular in the park.  It is a couple hundred feet high and drops down in to a large bowl that has been created over thousands of years of erosion.  There are trails down to the base of the falls, as well as behind the falls for a unique view of the feature.
The trail continues on down the canyon, using a long series of stairs to help with the elevation change.  You will pass Upper North Falls as well, before bending around and heading back to complete the 3 mile loop in this area.
There is a separate trailhead to North Falls, well worth the drive and time to visit on the other side of the park.  A trail from the parking area here drops down and provides you with a visit to this tall, thin waterfall which is the highest in the park.

Annie at the lodge waiting for the group to take a hike while she recuperates. At the lodge
The eager group ready to hit the trail and find some waterfalls.
The group starting off on the hike
Leading the way on down to South Falls. More of the frosh group
Good view of South Falls not too far from the trailhead. View of South Falls
The group huddled up at the top of South Falls. Group at the falls
Checking out South Falls from the trail behind the actual waterfall. Behind South Falls
Checking out the area behind the falls. Behind the falls
Lower South Falls as seen from the trail high above. Lower South Falls from the trail
Annie and I on the side trip to Upper North Falls. Upper North Falls
The side trip to the spectacular North Falls is well worth the time and effort to get there. Spectacular North Falls
Myself stopped near the top of Sawtooth Ridge.  What an incredible climb that is! Behind North Falls
GPS track of the hike starting at the bottom right. GPS Track of the hike