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        Equipment I Bring on Hikes
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Items in RED are absolute necessities for any wilderness adventure

Item Purpose Mandatory Necessary for Dayhike
Hiking Boots Yes Yes
Double Socks Yes Yes
Dri-fit Shirt Yes Yes
Pants (convertable to shorts) Yes Yes
Sweatshirt No No
Poncho Yes Yes
50 SPF Sunscreen Yes Yes
DEET Bug Spray Yes Yes
Carmex Lip Balm No No
Cliff Bars (x3) Yes Yes
Carbiner (x3) No No
Pocket Knife Yes Yes
Tool Kit No No
Sawyer Water Filter No No
Aloe Vera Gel No No
Alcohol Wipes Yes Yes
Nail Clippers No No
Ivy X Pre/Post wipes No No
30' Nylon Rope Yes Yes
Waterproof Topo Maps Yes Yes
Ibuprofen (200mg) No No
Potassium Tablets No No
Whistle Yes Yes
Flashlight Yes Yes
Headlamp No No
Glow Stick Pack No No
Hand Warmers No No
Pen (x3) No No
Moleskin Yes Yes
Bandaids (x20) Yes Yes
Duct Tape Yes Yes
Flint Fire Starter No No
Matches Yes Yes
Running Gloves No No
Metal Mirror Yes Yes
Emergency Blanket Yes Yes
Compass Yes Yes
Scissors No No
Light Windbreaker Yes Yes
Monocular No No
Extra Pants Yes Yes
Extra Socks Yes Yes
Trekking Poles Yes Yes
3 Liter Water bladder Yes Yes
Body Warmers No No
Toilet Paper Yes Yes
Toilet trowel No No
Inflatable Seat No No
Hat Yes Yes
Sunglasses No No
Lunch Cooler (with food) No No
Camera No No
Telephoto Lens No No
Cell phone Yes Yes
Extra Snacks Yes Yes
Pathtags No No
Solar Battery Charger No No
2-Person Tent No No
Sleeping Bag No No
Sleeping Pad No No

Created by GPL 11/18/13