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Trip Date:  07/27/2018

: 10.0 Miles

Vertical Gain: 2300'

Group Size: 1
Hike Rating:  Easy   Moderate    Hard   Strenuous
4th of July Lake Hike Route
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4th of July Lake Elevation Profile
Start Coordinates:   N 38 41.503, W 120 00.570     End Coordinates:   Same as Start Coordinates
Car Shuttle Req'd:   No
Parking Directions:   Take Highway 88 to the Woods Lake Road just east of Caples Lake.  Head down the paved road to the parking area for Woods Lake, and there is a fee to park in this location.  The trailhead for this hike is just to the south from the parking spots. 
Hazards of Note:   The drop down to 4th of July Lake from the saddle is over 1000' feet of elevation that you will have to climb back in the sun with little shade.

Crowd Factor:   Moderate to Round Top Lake, Minimal beyond.  The first part of the trail is a popular hike, especially in the spring and early summer for the spectacular wildflower displays along the trail.
General Notes:
From the parking area head south for the Lost Cabin Trail.  At the junction for Round Top Lake and Lake Winnemucca be sure to head toward Round Top Lake.  On this trail you will pass to the west of Woods Lake, seeing it from a distance but never getting very close to it.  The trail climbs continually up toward Round Top Lake, passing by the location of Lost Cabin mine with the ruins of an old settlers cabin on the left side of the trail.  When you reach Round Top Lake, head to the west, following the trail around the base of "The Sisters" until you reach the saddle between The Sisters and 4th of July Peak.  From here the trail will head downhill over 1000' to 4th of July Lake.  

A picturesque old snag along the early section of the Lost Cabin Mine trail. Old snag

Ruins of an old homestead along the trail which might be the namesake of the Lost Cabin Mine trail. Lost cabin

The sparkling sight of Round Top Lake is at the top of the Lost Cabin Mine trail and leads to 4th of July Lake to the right, Round Top Peak straight ahead and Lake Winnemucca to the left. Round Top Lake 

Heading along the base of The Sisters with 4th of July Peak straight ahead of us. Along the way
The view on the way down toward 4th of July Lake along a very steep 1000' descent.Heading down

View of the lake as we get closer to the destination. Looking down

Almost to 4th of July Lake, with the imposing but poorly-named Peak 9607 just behind. Nearing the lake

A close look at 4th of July Lake and the waterfall which flows out of the remote Corrie Lochran lake above. At the lake

Yours truly taking a break before facing the long, hot climb out of the canyon back to the 4th of July Peak saddle.
Building up energy

One more look at the pristine lake with Peak 9795 towering above it. One more look

Looking back toward Round Top Peak and the Sisters to the right on the trail from Lake Winnemucca back to Wood's Lake. Round Top from the trail

An old Arrastra along the Winnemucca/Wood's Lake trail. Arrastra

A nearby sign with some good information about the history and use of the Arrastra. Arrastra info sign

GPX Track of Hike. GPS Track of Hike