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Trip Date:  6/02/2012

: 4.3 Miles

Vertical Gain: 400'

Group Size: 10

Hike Rating:  Easy   Moderate    Hard    Strenuous
Waihee Valley Trail Route
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Waihee Valley Trail Elevation Profile
NOTE: As of 2012 this trail has been fenced off and is currently in litigation regarding public access!
Start Coordinates:   N 20 56.514  W 156 31.197     End Coordinates:   Same as starting coordinates
Car Shuttle Req'd:   No Parking Directions:   Take the Kahekili Highway (340) north about 6.5 miles from Wailuku.  Turn left at Waihee Valley road, and continue on this windy narrow road to the parking area indicated at the coordinates.
Hazards of Note:   We aware of current conditions as this area is susceptible to flash flooding in heavy downpour times. Crowd Factor:   Busy.  This is a very popular trail with locals and tourists alike.
General Notes:
This trail was used by the school children from Kahului and Wailuku who would travel it twice a week to get to Lahaina for schooling during the colony years on Maui.  This is a tough trail, and is a testament to the conditions that the early settlers/colonists faced getting from place to place on the island.  There is much to see from this trail, which offers great views of Mt. Haleakala to the south, and the islands off the west coast of Maui including Molokini, Kahoolawe and Lanai the further along you get.
You will also pass by a number of the tall windmill power generators which have been placed on this slope over the past ten years, and they are impressive in size when you get close to them.

The beginning of the hike is along a dirt road paralleling an old water culvert.  Pretty simple going along this part. Annie and Wendy early on
Before we even hit the bridges we had a couple of stream crossings to make. A few crossings to be made before the bridges
Once the road ends the way becomes more of a traditional trail. Continuing up the trail
Tegan and Annie making their way across the first swinging bridge. First swinging bridge
Sierra and Skye crossing the first bridge as well.  These were upgraded since the last time we were here with new fiberglass footwalks (from the old wood planks) due to an Adam Sandler film being shot in this location. Sierra and Skye on the bridge
Amazing waterfall we spotted along the way. Awesome waterfall spotted along the way
The group making their way across the second bridge.  This one is about 1/3 longer than the first one. Second bridge crossing
Dakota and Tristan on the trail after a river crossing. Dakota and Tristan on the trail
Pretty stubborn tree grown right around a rock near the dam. Tree growing around a rock
Finally making it to the dam. Sierra and Skye at the dam
Tristan jumping into the pool below the dam. Tristan jumping into the pool
Sierra ready to jump in as well. Sierra ready to jump
GPX image of the hike. GPS track of hike