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Trip Date:  04/03/2015

: 2.1 Miles

Vertical Gain: 100'

Group Size: 4

Hike Rating:  Easy   Moderate    Hard    Strenuous
Lipoa Point Route
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Lipoa Point Elevation Profile
Start Coordinates:   N 21 01.170, W 156 38.459     End Coordinates:   Same as starting coordinates
Car Shuttle Req'd:   No Parking Directions:   From the Napili/Kapalua area take highway 30 north to a dirt turnoff from the road on the north side just east of Honolua Bay.  Follow this dirt road down about a half mile to the parking coordinates.
Hazards of Note:   Some route-finding of the trail through the tall grasses along the way.  Some rocky terrain along the way.  General ocean warnings regarding tides and other water dangers. Crowd Factor:   Minimal.  There may be a few people on the dirt road down to the parking area enjoying the view back toward Napili, but there are few to no other people on this trail other than some local fishermen.
General Notes:
Just to the north of the parking area is a small metal gate.  Pass through this gate (or walk around it to the left,) and begin a downhill trek through tall grasses, heading toward a grove of palm trees to the north.  The trail passes around the trees to the right, and then generally starts an easy uphill climb past some cactus plants on the left side of the trail which actually have climbed up some cook pines next to them.  Follow the trail to the right, staying above the water and avoiding a number of side trails which head down to the water.  About 3/4 of a mile along the trail take a junction to the left, and which slowly heads down toward the water.  There is then a junction to the left past a small rise on the left side, which will take you down to the olivine pools and an area with at least 10-12 fishing pole holders cemented into the rocks on the left side of the lava protruding out into the water.

My wife and I at the trailhead with a view of Napili and Kapalua in the background. At the trailhead
Along the trail past the grove of palm trees. Heading past the palm trees
My crew heading down the grassy trail. Heading along the way
A quick look back the way we came from. Looking back
View of the West Maui mountains from the trail. West Maui mountains
Enjoying the views along the trail. Enjoying the area
Looking out over Lipoa Point toward Molokai. Overlook
The junction in the trail to look for on the way down to the Olivine Pools. Trail junction
The upper part of Makamakaole falls. Heading down to the pools
Beautiful Olivine Pools to the east and north of this spot. Olivine Pools
The area west of the pools where a number of fishing pole supports are located. Fishing area
Checking out the cactus climbing the Cook Pines on the way back to the car. Cactus in the trees
GPS track of the hike. GPS track of hike