Back to index Hidden Falls Regional Park Hike
Trip Date:  03/24/2014

: 14.4 Miles

Vertical Gain: 700'

Group Size: 1

Hike Rating:  Easy   Moderate    Hard    Strenuous
Hidden Falls Regional Park Route
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Hidden Falls Elevation Profile
The rock sign at the entrance to the park. Park entrance
Example of the nicely groomed trails all throughout the park. Trails in the park
One of the bridges across the river with the helpful trail info provided. One of the bridges
Every trail junction is well marked with signs and directions. Well-marked junctions
There are serene vistas all throughout the trail system in the park. Nice locale
A few smaller falls were visible from the 7 Pools Overlook viewpoint. Small falls in 7 pools
A pretty nice viewpoint structure is available near the actual Hidden Falls. Nifty viewpoint
The falls for which the park is named.  A surprisingly nice setting and can be reached after just a relatively short hike of less than a mile. Hidden Falls themselves
Stopping for a quick picture after grabbing a nearby cache. Self-photo on the trails
Another small falls upriver from Hidden Falls. Another small falls
Another example of the multi-use trails that meander throughout the park. More typical scenery
GPS Track of the full hike, starting at the arrow. GPS Track of Hike