Back to index Crown Point Loop Hike (Day 2)
Trip Date:  07/9/2021

: 7.5 Miles

Vertical Gain: 1200'

Group Size: 5
Hike Rating:  Easy   Moderate    Hard   Strenuous
Crown Point Day 2
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Crown Point Day 2
Start Coordinates:   N/A - This is a continuation from Day 1     End Coordinates:   N/A

Car Shuttle Req'd:   No Parking Directions:   N/A
Hazards of Note:   A backcountry wilderness pass is required for overnight camping in the Hoover Wilderness, as is a bear cannister for food storage.   Crowd Factor:   Minimal then Moderate.  The trail section from Crown Lake into northern Yosemite is very infrequently traveled.   Peeler Lake at the end of the day is where you have a better chance of meeting others.
General Notes:
Leaving Crown Lake you will pass along the western side and then begin a significant climb of nearly 1000' to start off the day in just under a mile.  This will take you to Snow Lake, a beautiful spot that would also be a worthy camping destination if you wanted to finish the previous long day with a brutal last climb.   Just before the lake you will pass a junction which would also take you east toward Matterhorn Canyon as well as The Juggernaut.  Just past the lake is a signpost for Rock Island Pass, at over 10000' and the boundary with Yosemite National Park.   From this point you will head into a relatively unspoiled area of far northern Yosemite, heading down into Kerrick Meadow.   Depending on the time of year this can be a mosquito haven, but on this trip we were lucky enough to run into very few.  The trail heads down constantly from the pass over the next couple of miles, where you will look over 1000' feet in elevation before reaching the meadow.   From here there is a small gain back up to Peeler Lake, but it is never very bad and only totals about 4 or 500 feet in total.

My home overnight seen in the early morning while chowing down on some delicious breakfast pop tarts and hot chocolate. Early morning
Right from the start of the day we headed almost directly toward The Juggernaut on the far end of Crown Lake.
Heading out toward Juggernaut 
As promised, there was a lot of early morning climbing, a continuation from the previous day's efforts. Climbing
We were rewarded with some nice views, such as this one of the Juggernaut completely unobstructed just ahead of us. Juggernaut 
The grueling climb toward Matterhorn Canyon can be made out in the rocks across the way, and we ran into a solo traveller who had just come from that area the night before. Matterhorn Canyon Trail 
Looking back we could see the canyon we climbed out of, as well as some of the Sawtooth Ridge beyond that joins up with Matterhorn Peak further to the east. Looking back 
Snow Lake was pretty amazing.   This is from the south end looking north, and the way we came around the left side of the lake from this vantage point.
Snow Lake 
Here at Rock Island Pass we had reached over 10K feet, the highest point along our trip. Rock Island Pass Rock Island Pass
We didn't have much company during our sojourn through Kerrick Meadow, and the signs appear to have not had much company in a long while, either. Kerrick Meadow 
After the steep climbs over the past day and a half we were happy with a few miles of flat.
Looking south we had a grand view of the area we had just traversed during the morning. Looking back 
Of course, some of us had to get in the way and ruin a perfectly good shot. Group shot 
Heading up toward Peeler Lake from the west side, we encountered this outlet waterfall.   Peeler is a unique lake in the sense that it has outlets that flow both to the east and the west. Peeler outflow 
Our first view of Peeler Lake from the west side with Crown Point Peak in the background towering high above. Peeler Lake 
We made good time on the day and actually got a prime campsite that ended up having 3 other groups nearby by the time night came about. Campsite 
We all got to enjoy another grand, but cool sunset at the lake. Sunset 
Same group, different angle! Same group 
GPS Track of the day's hike, in the middle right, heading up past Snow Lake and Rock Island Pass, into Kerrick Meadow and then finishing up at Peeler Lake. GPS Track of Hike