Back to index Crown Point Loop Hike (Day 1)
Trip Date:  07/8/2021

: 9.2 Miles

Vertical Gain: 3200'

Group Size: 5
Hike Rating:  Easy   Moderate    Hard   Strenuous
Crown Point Day 1
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Crown Point Day 1
Start Coordinates:   N 38 08.890, W 119 22.655     End Coordinates:   Same as Start Coordinates

Car Shuttle Req'd:   No Parking Directions:   Take Highway 395 to the Twin Lakes turnout just at the west edge of the town of Bridgeport.  Follow this road for 13 1/2 miles until you pass the second of the two twin lakes and park in the designated area for backpackers.   You will need to purchase a parking permit for backpacker parking which is good for 7 days.
Hazards of Note:   A backcountry wilderness pass is required for overnight camping in the Hoover Wilderness, as is a bear cannister for food storage.  A couple of stream crossings, including one less than a mile past Barney which will require a boots-off crossing.   Significant elevation gain if not acclimated to the high country. Crowd Factor:   High then Moderate.  The trail section from the Twin Lakes resort to Barney Lake is a very popular hike due to the spectacular scenery at Barney.  Past this point you will see far less people as it ibecomes a very steep climb toward Crown Lake.
General Notes:
From the Twin Lakes resort area, head almost directly due west through the RV campground, and you should spot a small wooden sign pointing you to Barney Lake up ahead.  At the end of the camp is a wire between a couple large trees, to keep vehicles from passing beyond here.  There is a large open meadow to your left as you head up this trail.  From here, following the sign to the right for Barney Lake, and do not cross over the bridge or you will be headed the wrong direction.
Once you enter the signed Hoover Wilderness area, the trail will gain elevation gradually, passing through a couple stands of aspen trees before after about 1 and 3/4 miles you begin to head up some switchbacks.  The trail will begin to bend to the south as you climb, with the spire of Cirque Mountain above you to the west.
Reaching Barney lake you will immediately take in a stunning vista, looking south with the towering Crown Point peak directly past the lake.  Get there early enough on a windless day and you will have a spectacular reflection of the mountains in the water.
At the lake you will then continue on the trail to the east, gradually gaining some altitude before dropping back down to cross the inlet (Robinson Creek) to Barney Lake.   Once past this and one additional stream crossing not far past, you will begin a serious climb for the new few miles that will feel relentless, especially with a full pack.   After a couple miles you will reach a junction with Peeler Lake to the right and the Robinson Lakes to the left.   Take this trail to the left.   Within about 1/2 a mile you will pass a couple spectacular turquoise pools, and then you will pass the first Robinson Lake.   The trail then continues on a narrow strip between the first and second lake, and then one more climb will have you at Crown Lake, and the destination for the first night.

Look closely for this trailhead marker sign in the midst of the Twin Lakes RV campground area. RV Camp sign
Just past the RV campsite is this first view of the area looking sw across and open meadow toward Kettle Peak.  The first night's lake, Crown Lake is on the other side of this peak a good distance.
Meadow and Kettle Peak 
When you reach this trailhead marker about 1/2 mile from the RV park, you are officially heading into the Hoover Wilderness. Wilderness Trailhead
Although in the first couple miles there is not much elevation gain, the mountains surrounding the trail are gorgeous to look at. Open vistas 
To the south you will pass Little Slide Canyon, home to the Incredible Hulk on the left side.  This is a popular rock climbing destination. Slide Canyon 
At the 4 mile point is Barney Lake, a spectacular spot when looking across the water toward Crown Point Peak, the 11K foot mountain in the distance.   Just to the left of this is The Juggernaut, another rock climber destination and near where our first night campsite will be. Barney Lake 
It doesn't take long to start an initial climb past Barney Lake, although we will lost almost all of this elevation to cross the inlet a little further on.
Starting the climb 
We got lucky this year with the amount of water in Robinson Creek, and didn't have to take our boots off to cross as had to be done a few years back after a very wet winter. Robinson Creek 
Past Robinson Creek is a series of seemingly-endless switchbacks in the granite, which have to pick up almost 1000' of elevation in the next mile and a half. Switchbacks 
After nearly 7 miles we reach the junction for either Peeler Lake or Crown Lake.  We will head to Crown and return from Peeler in a couple more days.
The junction
The turquoise pool of snowmelt is just an amazing color that is hard to believe even after seeing it. Turquoise Pool 
Next up is the first Robinson Lake, with Kettle Peak just barely visible in the distance now to the east of us. Robinson Lake 1 
The second Robinson Lake is also in a scenic location, and we passed a couple of backpackers in a nice spot just between the two lakes on our way further up. Robinson Lake 2 
After 9 miles and lots of elevation gain, we finally reach Crown Lake, where we will set up for our first night of the trip. Crown Lake 
It didn't take long for us to settle on a nice flat site shielded from the trail with a small stream outlet from the lake fairly close by. Campsite 
Though a little chilly above 9000', we all enjoyed a beautiful sunset before retiring for the night. Sunset 
GPS Track of the full hike, starting at the far bottom right and then heading up and left to our destination at Crown Lake. GPS Track of Hike